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// This is one of the best things I've seen in years. I get sent shoes all the time -- something I'll never take for granted. Today's box included the new #Dame3, but more importantly, a $500 donation offer from @DamianLillard & @adidasHoops as part of Dame's #AllRise campaign to impact communities.

The organization I want to highlight is @FourOakland, right in Dame's hometown. They've been starting from the ground up out of pure love for the community, and are doing all they can to help show local High School students how they can make attending college a reality. Hopefully Dame's donation helps out 4Oakland's college campus tour this spring, the first time many of the program's students will visit a university.
Much respect to Dame for making this bigger than sneakers and looking to make an imprint with his platform.

// Was an honor to photograph @StephenCurry30's custom sneakers paying tribute to @BarackObama's "Back2Back" terms in office.

Look for Stephen to wear these Lows for pre-game and the Mids today on TNT at 8 PM EST. You can check out all of the images at, or via the link in my bio. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

// Had to. #TeamMonarch

// Happy New Year everyone!! Oakland with my guys. So thankful for such an amazing 2016.

// My favorite sneaker of 2016 -- the adidas Tubular Radial in basic black / white.

No hype. No endorser. Just a great sneaker sitting on shelves at every mall around the country. I probably wore them 3-4 times a week, and just got going on a 2nd pair.
The toe-down was killer, mix of materials worked great in all black, and they even make you an inch taller if you're tryin to get your Costanza on. It was also cool to see the brand's Y-3 influence of elastic and neoprene trickle down to the main Originals line.

What's your favorite model(s) of the year?

// Home Team. #SacramentoProud
πŸ“·: @BayleeOBrien

// Qasa classics.

#Y3 #TodaysKicks

// MAJOR thanks to @SpaldingBall for this special 1/125 commemorative ball -- celebrating today's 125th Anniversary of the invention of "Basketball." Very awesome.
The game has given me so much and I never take it for granted. It's allowed me to connect with lifelong friends, travel the world and taught me so many lessons -- and I still enjoy the sport every single day all these years later.

Thank you Basketball, indeed.

#125HoopYears #TrueBelievers

// Leather 3. #TodaysKicks

// Great matchup in the Bay with @KgStoney.
#DubNation #Knicks

// Huge thanks to @adidasHoops for the new #Dame3 yesterday.

Another chapter and chance for @DamianLillard to tell his story and make the most of his platform.
πŸ“·: @Oscar_Castillo

// A sample update to one of my favorite projects with Tinker, Mark & Steve that never came to be + yes that's my actual guest room bedding 😭


// Had a great time chopping it up with MVP @Kris_Bryant17 earlier in the week to get the full story on his new extension with Adidas. He's had one hell of a last year for sure.

You can read the full Q&A over on

// One of my favorite toe-downs in recent memory.
Awesome shoe, and HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to our #HardenVol1 event at @NiceKicks LA with @JHarden13 over the weekend.

We also just kicked off #BoostWeek on the site, so be sure to break out all your favorite Boost-based sneakers all week long and tag @NiceKicks to be featured.
What's your top 3 Boost pairs to date?

// Great welcome to Art Basel from @adidasOriginals. πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
Excited to check out all of the events & galleries all week. Anyone have any recommendations?

// Had a great time stopping by the @adidas #BrooklynFarm this week in NY and talking shoes & hoops with the group.
It was awesome to also finally meet both @_Nigel_Langley & @mbroidered, two talented creatives that are looking to make their own imprint on the industry.
Nigel is only 17! Can't wait to see where his talents and design aspirations go from here.

// Miami Beach hoopin. Awesome courts & morning pickup run. #SLAMhoops

// Had a great time being interviewed by @ShoSports earlier this summer for their new @BenSimmons documentary #ONEandDONE.

The documentary follows Ben since he was 15 years-old, on to his lone year at LSU, turning pro and all the way up to the 2016 NBA Draft as the #1 pick.
You can catch the doc on @Showtime -- I thought it turned out great and gives an honest look at the process that top players go through before heading to the league. What'd you think?
πŸ“·: @ForeverYoungLan

// Home game with mom. Just like old times.
πŸ“·: @BayleeOBrien

// Easy call for #TodaysKicks. πŸ‘¦πŸΌπŸ«

// Opening night in Sac!! What an amazing venue. Honestly never thought tonight would happen.


// #Curry3. πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

// The greatest performance athlete of our time.

// One of our final Nike MAG warehouse images from our full issue detailing the brand's 2011 launch.

Pretty crazy to see Nike bring them back out again five years later -- and yes -- with power laces this time!!
Great job @TiffanyBeers & Tinker!!
πŸ“·: @SteveMullholand

// That time in 2011 when I spent an hour lining up (and then lighting up) all 1500 pairs of Nike Mags for our takeover issue photoshoot featuring Tinker Hatfield & @TiffanyBeers.

Pretty cool to see our images from that day across all kinds of sites & accounts again today.

Excited to see what @Nike has in store for the Marty McFly launch tomorrow...
πŸ“·: @SteveMullholand

// A+ LA weekend. Happy birthday duuuude @BrandonJennings. πŸ„πŸΎ #KnicksRow

// Had to pick up an advance copy of @GaryLand's new "AI" book!

From VA to the HOF, the stories and photos throughout are incredible. Gary shot some of Allen's most iconic portraits over the last 2 decades, and I love how the 272-page book also goes into the setup and behind-the-scenes of each of the shoots.

You can pre-order "AI" over at

// To celebrate Allen Iverson officially entering the Hall of Fame this weekend, I've got a look at several never-before-seen Reebok Question samples & PEs through the years on @NiceKicks.

From Pump-inspired, to '04 Olympics, all 3M, and even a graphic pair highlighting each team he played on and more...let me know your favorites.

// Today's tee -- only right !! What an amazing moment for AI to be entering the Hall of Fame.

Here's what Allen told me about making the HOF, just after being named a finalist for the class at the beginning of the year:
"I mean, it's just an honor. I'd be lying to you, and I might not've said it publicly [along the way], but it's something that you think about as you get better and better.
As you start accomplishing so many different things, in your mind, you're thinking, 'Damn, I can be a Rookie of the Year if I work hard.' Or, 'I can make the Olympic team.' Or, 'I can make the All-Star team.'
Then, after you accomplish all of those things, after awhile, you know how good you are because of just your production. The more and more you accomplish things. I used to say, 'Wouldn't it be crazy, I could be a Hall of Famer?' In your mind, you're thinking like, 'Why not me?' God gave me all this, why waste the talent that he gave me. Why not go full throttle with it all and try to become in the class with the greatest players that ever played the game. That's just a great feeling.
Then, you think about all of the guys, teammates and coaches, fans and family members and friends – everybody that helped you get there – because it's a tribute to them too. Once it happens, if it happens, they're going to get all of the credit, because without all of those people that I mentioned, it wouldn't be possible."

// Hollywood stuff. Final KT2 spot should hit next month.


// Out in LA for a couple days and finally got to check out this iconic coast cliff court.
Tons of great players have been shot here over the years, and tonight it'll be used as the commercial set for @KlayThompson's next signature shoe.


// Can't wait to see what's on deck tomorrow at the Yeezy Season 4 show in NY.

Pablo tour stops have been unreal so far too.

What are you hoping to see from the Season 4 unveil tomorrow?

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