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I can't feel your legs.


Wolvie. Bond. Wade.

Spent the afternoon with a master watch-builder at @piaget. He showed me how they build the world's greatest timepiece. While I can't even build a decent bowl of cereal. #SIHH #Altiplano60

Having the best conversation. #goldenglobes

Thank you to the @hollywoodchamberofcommerce and @20thcenturyfox. This is one of those "pinch me" moments. But not in the creepy way my Aunt used to do it.

‪Thank you, Golden Globes! As we speak, the entire Deadpool team is engaged in a grotesque, early morning tickle-fight.‬

Had a great time speaking at #24HoursOfReality last night - filmed entirely inside the Incredible Hulk's missing left testicle. For more info, and to learn what you can do to ensure the Paris agreements and many other invaluable steps forward aren't erased, check out #climaterealityproject

What in the...? After 11 years, this is mind-boggling. Thanks to the BFCA, the cast, Deadpool fans, and everyone from the on-set caterer to Fox who helped make the Big Red Dream a reality. Oh, and all four Golden Girls. Them too.

Thank you to the beautiful, charming, funny and gracious gang @thesocialctv for having me on to chat about the AMAZING #SickKidsVS -- to Support the Sick Kids Foundation click the link in my bio.

Happy Birthday to my big brother, Jeff. Seems like just yesterday you were changing my diapers, even though it was well over a week ago.

Thank you @gq and Anna Peele for letting me jump in the sandbox with you. I'm actually wearing three suits, if you include the lace body-stocking under the 'Pool suit.
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GQ Man of the Year Ryan Reynolds is the hero we need right now. Read the story and see more photos at the link in bio. (📸 @alasdairmclellan) #GQMOTY

Spent time catching up with my friend, @TarajiPHenson who gives a GIANT performance in @hiddenfiguresmovie. She's a hurricane. See. This. Film. I wish I could stop high fiving her long enough to start high fiving her again.

A year ago, this little sprout was the 50 millionth tree @EddieBauer and @AmericanForests planted. This year, we embarked on a partnership to work toward the next 50 million, planting another 280,000 through generous customer donations. Happy birthday buddy. And thanks guys. #onetree

If you're a bird, I'm a bird. #ConanNYC

Tune into #Conan tonight on TBS. Find out why the hell he's wearing this dress and why I can never go home again.

Initially, I thought it was based on the board game, LIFE. But halfway through shooting I saw we were all weightless, terrified and floating around in space.

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Hey! @vancityreynolds - got you something for your birthday I know you're really going to like. Cue the music #iceicebaby

Best. Birthday. Everrrrr. Courtesy of my wife, buddy, and international spy, @blakelively. With huge thanks to my favorite restaurant in NYC, @_o_ya_ -- and a special shout out to our children for not ruining everything like they planned.

#tbt Early mask prototype with writer, Rhett Reese in background. Color was still way off. Although Rhett looks on seemingly concerned -- it's actually just his natural, resting facial expression.

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Hurricane Matthew Update - Our emergency response team on the ground reports an urgent need for food, water, medicine, and cholera prevention in Haiti. Please give what you can: http://www.americares.org/matthew
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Spent the weekend getting schooled by @thecountrycat's Adam and Jackie Sappington, the obscenely charming and funny chefs from @foodnetwork. If anybody's looking for them, they're handcuffed to my stove until the next olympics. I'll raise their two boys as if they were my own--which, frankly, is a terrible thing for all involved.

Happy Birthday to the ageless, one and only @thehughjackman

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. 🇨🇦 Image courtesy @mutant101

My friend Connor McGrath would have been 14 years old tomorrow. He isn't here now, but he stuck around long enough to make everyone he knew fall over laughing. Right up to the very end he was as quick with a joke as he was with a hug.
@makeawishamerica brought us together and nothing -- not even a cowardly, fuckfaced thing called cancer can take that away. Sending his amazing parents, Kim and Gerald McGrath crisp high fives and bear-hugs of love.
Anything you do to support your local Make A Wish Foundation is alright with me.

For a second there, I thought it was called, "Lohan".

Cartoon by Emily Flake.

Working with @piaget involves a good amount of casual sitting. It's almost as if someone sent them the "vision board" I created when I was ten.

#MaximumEffort -- Just found out who did this... @zbrushatpixologic

-- @natefillion chose a coffee cup which meets the strict standards of Canadian decency. I applaud his choice and regret some of the things I may have said. Mr. Fillion's heart does not in fact pump, "liquid-hate". He's a good man who cares about his friends, family and is without reservation, kind to animals. It's also wholly untrue that I painted a mural of Jar Jar Binks on the side of his family's home. It was a lithograph, but I'm taking it down nonetheless. #LessonsLearned. #RegretFactory

This is my dog, Billie. Before Nick White intervened, Billie was spitting acid at Sigourney Weaver and haunting the dreams of priests.
Now she's a leash-free, stress-free, fur covered badass. And a certified general accountant.
Many thanks to Nick White and the whole gang at @offleashk9training

Thank you, Gord Downie. #TheHip

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