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AJ 4 1999 release. Size 10.5. Gently used. Minor midsole cracks. Contact via dm or personal phone.

AJ 11, size 10. Deadstock. Contact via dm or personal phone.

AJ 1, size 10.5. Deadstock. Contact via dm or personal phone.

Today's #tbt goes back to 2011 when I teamed up with @theshoegame to do the royal Air Foamposite One comparison. The 1997, 2006 & then upcoming 2011 versions were all compared. IMO one of the more informative projects ive ever done. Link in bio for the full video. #foampositeone

Look what just came in to @CorporateGotEm! Need em? Give em a call... #AirPenny4


HomeTeam LineUp for NoRemorse 2 Plus @jaybirdofficial and @djetrayn Come watch the city link up!!! Plus a crazy performance from @21savage.
#TicketsAvailsbleNow #FridayThe13th #NoRemorse2 @NoRemorseConcert

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When ball is life but its not what you thought it was 10 years removed & all those bad fast food purchases finally catch up...

Been on the hunt for these originals for a minute. Hey @grocsmith remember you gave us a tour of ATL and showed us the Olympic banners? Good times. They dont make these like they used too. The quality on these for thier age is nice. Nike Air More Uptempo Olympic from 1996. #moreuptempo #atlanta #1996 #ScottiePippen

The simple colors are usually the best ones. #AJ1

Man when I tell you it took me forever to find these. This pair I literally wanted for 20 years. Unlike the retros the original has the black jewel swoosh on the back just like Pippen's pair was during the 72-10 season. So hype to have these true grails. Air More Uprempo for 1996. #ScottiePippen #moreuptempo #1996

A few minutes ago ot was announced that Tupac Shakur will officially be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Thats dope but now im curious. If you're in the know, Afeni Shakur owned all her son's music, no big secret. This year she 'suddenly' passes away all while this 2 pac film she really didn't stamp her approval over is slowly gaining strength. She was the head of the Tupac estate and his masters. So now that she's out the picture I have some questions. Who owns the masters? Who's head of the estate? Whos taking the check from upcoming movie royalties? The label? Not a conspiracy. Just saying this aint lining up. #2pac

Wish they were my size. Theyre 11.5 tho.

Rest in power OG.

Who wears 10.5? 😅 Hov's personal pair from from 2004. Seriously tho the details & logos are bananas on these. Hey @mtisacoolguy help me find Bleek's pair ha! #jayz #rocafella

Nostalgia factor. #spacejam20thanniversary

I know everyone's exited about the iconic 11 coming back tomorrow. Everything was analyzed the shoes and the movie the last 3 months. But nobody and I do mean nobody brought up how fire this music lineup was on the Space Jam soundtrack. If you're into music like yall say yall is, speak on it. #SpaceJam


AJ 1 today... #sneakerdavepose #AJ1


Here's a dope #tbt I dug up for this saturday's AJ 9 release. Six years ago I teamed up with @theshoegame and did a review of the 2010 version of the Air Jordan 9. I also brought along the 2002 & CDP 2008 release along to compare. Lets take a trip down memory lane before shoe comparisons became the norm. Link in my bio. #theshoegame #aj9

I follow alot of diggers and Reebok expertise. I need these in size 10 yesterday. Any hints or leads are greatly appreciated. #grail #reebok #apogeedmx2000

@corporategotem @corporate_otr Saturday will be launching the "Reasonable Doubt" pop up shops! A capsule exclusive to 14 retailers around the country will be available! Also they will have an exclusive capsule for "Bring it On." Get in! @theroc96 #RD20 #ReasonableDoubt

Remember when I told yall I work in one of the most haunted buildings in the country? This is the attic. Im by myself. And lord, I come to you as a scared man. Lol

Mood all day


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