GravityPilot @primo_nyc

Just need to be movin.... surf,skydive,sk8,moto,whatever... underwater,abovewater,frozenwater,whatever... just get some wind, water or sand in my hair

repost from @wsl , some more footage I got of @tonysilvagni recently in the Caribbean @djiglobal @djiphantom

A short clip I put together of @tonysilvagni having fun on his @stewart_surfboards on a small day in the Caribbean @djiglobal @gopro

Repost from @wsl some footage of @tonysilvagni having fun on some playful waves at an undisclosed location in the Caribbean #stewartsurfboards #dji #goprohero4

It's good to be here, feels like home!
Great day, fun people

Swimming w sharks with One Ocean Diving, North Shore Hawaii

My brother Stitch. He's in recovery from a brutal spine surgery last week. He's hurting, but will get better. If you know him, he could use a text or 2 about now, just to say hi. Thanks in advance

Perfect head every time. Love this place!!

Kaiten (conveyor) sushi in Tokyo!! 18 plates, 3 Ichibans $37. I can eat like a killer whale here!!!

Wall of Sake barrels

Awesome sushi lunch in Tokyo!! We'll be eating our way around this city for sure

Our Easter dinner on the beach, fresh squid & prawns on the grill, Balinese sauce & 2 Bintang (large)

@holden235 We did it, flew 1/2 way around the world, made it to an island #belitung , woke up at 4am, rode 2up on a scooter w some locals to their secret spot. The clouds started moving in, @je4niu5 & I jumped back on our scoot & took off for the south, where we could see clear skies. We rode till clear of the clouds, stopped on the side of the rode & were awestruck again standing in the shadow of the moon. #8 for me, #6 for my lover!! Next one is August 21, 2017 & it's in the US!! We're planning Oregon, now it's off to surf wonderful Indo waves. #TotalSolarEclipse #eclipse2016 #shadowofthemoon

@willandthewater playing on fun waves w a fun crew yesterday

@king_asher stylin on the fun waves with the rest of the @surfsimply crew this morning

@derek_dietiker of #SurfSimply having fun on some clean am waves with the gang

@simplyruhill of @surfsimply having some fun this am on finless board & longboard with his awesome crew

@hjmknight having fun

Re-edit of @willandthewater of the awesome @surfsimply crew gettin some

This little guy was in my mussels in white wine today.

@tonysilvagni giving my SUP the rides it deserves & having fun doing it!! The board misses you

Joe Goin' Left n gettin some!!

@leigh__powell on a @stewart_surfboards, sittin on da BOMBS!! Now if the rest of us would stay outta her way, she'd shred it!!

@leigh__powell gettin some on a @stewart_surfboards longboard

Pt2 of @tonysilvagni shredding on his @stewart_surfboards longboard

@tonysilvagni shredding waves on his @stewart_surfboards longboard

@gabriel_canals drawing lines of his own at Maria's recently

Blowfish Rescue @ Playa Crashboat, we found this guy hooked & snagged, spent 14 mins to free him. Full video at

@maryschmader gliding along

@pelikanfly having some fun at my favorite spot, I got out to get these clips

PR misses you @tonysilvagni , @leigh__powell & Barb!!!
Some footage from the past month or so

Bye bye birdie

I've driven thru this gate countless times, stopped today for a pic & this student buzzed the tower as soon as I got my phone out!!
Awesome timing, tight spot!!

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