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Aerial cinematography - Film making - Video Editing - Motion Design 🌴 Sydney, Australia ⚡️www.lecutstudio.com⚡️Facebook YouTube Twitter @lecutstudio


⚡Here is a little teaser. We are currently working on a new series of videos shot along the Australian coastline. Stay tuned...

From a little while back with Hugo 👌 @hugoodgers @mssurfboards @djiglobal #drone #longboard

La la land 😑 @bondibubble

Dip in 🌡👌

Daily routine ⛈🏊 @djiglobal @australia

What do you do when it's raining outside? ☔️ @djiglobal @australia @qtbondi

Sharp ⚡️

Diving into the new year ✌️️

Yesterday 💦⚡️☀️

Chillax 🙃

Crystalline ✨

How did you start your day? Hopefully like this lucky one ☝️

Line up ⛈

Bondi Sweet 🍭 @djiglobal

Crumpled 🏄 @djiglobal

Love these kayaks ☀️💦

Flying with seagulls (last week) 🕊⚡️🕊 @djiglobal

🌴☀️A few days ago, shot with the Dji Mavic, big thanks to @spheredrones @djiglobal #mavic

Bondi kayak shot with the new Mavic @spheredrones @djiglobal #mavic #mavicpro #dji

Thanks @spheredrones for letting me play with the new Dji Mavic. This drone is light and great for stills. I will be posting more stills and a video a bit later @djiglobal #djimavic #mavicpro

Bronte pool from every angle 🏊😍🏊 @brontesurfclub @bronte_beach_sydney

It's ON 🏊⚡️☀️ Bronte Pool

Bits and bobs

🚣⚡️🎣 Fisherman's dream

OneWave for Movember 🏄⚡️👨🏻 @onewaveisallittakes @movember

Looong shot 🏄⚡️☀️

HOT DAY ☀️ paddling out @isabelladobozy @bondispot and friends

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