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LeBron James @kingjames

YESSIR!!! I SEE YOU Lil bro @ebled2. #Work #Klutch @klutchsports

Soooo I guess Bane will be our next President huh!?!? Sometimes u gotta laugh to keep you from crying! #IllDoMyPartToHelpTheYouthUnderstand #IPromise­čÖĆ

Wow. Not much I can say beyond thank you. Thank you to EVERY single person involved in @nbcthewall. We have the best team in the business & IÔÇÖm proud and lucky to be part of it. Thank you for having me on this journey with you. #striveforgreatness @springhillent

Coming off a long road trip and I see thisÔÇŽ family is what itÔÇÖs all for. Proud of @springhillent & everyone involved in @nbcthewall. I have a family date with the James Gang for tonight! #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ

Had to wear these to game tonight and Man I'm still shook over this moment in time in my life! Thinking back to that 18 year old kid from Akron Ohio when this journey begun. So damn emotional right now just thinking about where I've come from. What moms had to go through to keep her only son happy, feed, clothed, etc etc when she didn't have the means to do so! You're incredible and that's why you're God to me in my eyes no matter what's happened throughout the years. Nobody is perfect but the support we get from loved ones will get us through anything. Nike thanks for taking a chance on a skinny kid from the inner city with out of this world dreams and aspirations!! #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #TheKidFromAkron #Blessed­čÖĆ

When I held these shoes for the first time I couldnÔÇÖt believe I was holding a Nike sneaker with my name on it AND that theyÔÇÖd forever be known as the ÔÇťLeBronÔÇÖs.ÔÇŁ Bronny was a baby. V was still in high school. Mom and I were barely out of the Springhill projects. We only dreamed of days like that and then they became reality. This shoe changed my life, my familyÔÇÖs life, and weÔÇÖve been lucky enough to change the lives of people around us. This shoe is for EVERY SINGLE person with a dream and a passion. No matter what your situation is. From the projects to the palace, this shoe is a symbol that you can do anything. FIRE IS BAAAAAACK #AZG #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #JustAKidFromAkron­čÖĆ

Welcome to Signature lil bro!! Proud of you and Happy to have u apart of a select fraternity! CONGRATS @ygtrece!!! #PG1 #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #NikeÔťö´ŞĆ

A Perfect Night. NBA Hoops and @NBCTheWall with the family!!

WowÔÇŽ ItÔÇÖs truly special when a team of people come together to make a dream come true. Unbelievably proud of our @springhillent team and everyone from @nbcthewall for bringing this dream to life. To everyone that had a part in this show, from custodial staff to the producers: THANK YOU!! #JustAKidFromAkron­čÖĆ #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #NBCTheWall­čöą

I've been hearing a lot of people talking about how bad 2016 was, meanwhile I've been like this the whole time! From start to finish. Hahahaha!! ­čśŐ­čśŐ­čśŐ­čśŐ­čśŐ #TheKidFromAkron­čĹĹ #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #ThankYou2016

HUGE s/o to my kids at my #LJFF!! Just cause. Let's continue to inspire and smile for one another!! #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #TheKidFromAkron­čĹĹ #IPromise­čÖĆ

Man to be 95 years of age and still being able to do this!!! RJ tell me where that fountain is brother. #IPromise I can keep a secret. Haha! Wowzers!!

Soooo I guess I was kinda born to do this. The game chose me before I even had a chance to see if I wanted or not and I'm so so forever thankful!! I'll give it all back to you in return. Once again Merry Christmas from #TheKidFromAkron­čĹĹ. #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ

Sorry guys for the wait but better late than never and great things are worth waiting for! Felt so good to be in the 14s today at home on Christmas! So blessed man!! #StriveForGreatness #RWTW #TheKidFromAkron #KickGameCray

Always wanted a tree like this when I was a kid, flooded with gifts. Kids still up so Santa hasn't got here just yet. Coming soon! Lol. Merry Xmas to everyone in the world!! Blessings on blessings on blessings

Christmas is the season for giving. Ever seen $1.3 million in cash hand delivered to an amazing family? Merry Christmas everyone! #TheWallonNBC #StriveForGreatness #RWTW

My Lil bro has done it again!! Another one (Khalid voice). ­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą. #Kyrie3

Was shooting some promo for "The Wall" earlier today and was handed this from one of my foundation kid father. Want you Riley to know I received your card(thank you) and that you're very welcome! ­čśë­čśë­čśë­čśë #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #LjFFÔŁĄ

#Repost @mavcarter
Can you stand the rain!!!! @richpaul Sooooo proud.

So damn Proud bro!!

2 things here!! I believe my son Bronny(on the left) feet is bigger than mine already and he's 12. And secondly our kicks are ­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą­čöą!! We didn't plan this by the way as u may think. Just father/son chemistry. #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #RWTW­čĆů #TheKidsFromAkron­čĹĹ #JamesGang­čöą #LeBron13lowFamilyFoundationKicks

Congratulations!!! So proud of you bro on getting your degree today at CSU. Continue to set the bar higher and higher. No barriers out there can stop us. #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #RWTW­čĆů #Klutch­čîÄ #MyPossee­čść @klutchsports

Light work. S/O to Kathryn, Caesar, Johnny, David & Mav on the vision #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #Kia­čÜś

RIP friend!!! Great to have work with you, known you and watch you for all these years. My blessing to your family and many prayers sent to the heavens above! #SagerStrong­čÖĆ

Just a few good men pushing each other to even greater heights!! #FOE #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #RWTW­čĆů

Wowzers you're BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for what you've become, what you do and for simply being YOU!! And did I mention how beautiful you are?!?!?

The conversation @kevinlove @mavcarter and a few others are having right now at the crib! Like for real man how much money was Kevin McCallister dad making back then?!?! And by the way he took 9 people to Paris for Xmas as well(mostly in first class). Crazy to think about! Hahahahaha.

Mr. Solo Dolo! Smh, I'm too grateful and humbled by any accomplishment I reach in my career! Being a triple threat is something I've always prided myself on from day 1. #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ #RWTW­čĆů #TheKidFromAkron­čĹĹ #JamesGang­čöą

My angel ­čśç post game with the team mascot! She was so excited!!! #ZhuriNova­čĺź

Bronny showing the range post game!! Something lite. #JamesGang­čöą #StriveForGreatness­čÜÇ

Always Special!!! 16 years and counting we've been going at it. Crazy to even think about. Half of our lives G! My brother @carmeloanthony #YouCouldNeverUnderstand #Brotherhood­čĹŐ

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