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Kerry Pieri @kerrybazaar

Fashion/Features Digital Director at Harper's Bazaar, founder of Un Reveur, words and art.

Back to art #cytwombly

trying to distract myself this morning

This will do

All black erythang, on my way to Valentino 📷 @melodiejeng

Coco's favorite 🌸

Karma karma karma camellias

Manifestation board, 2017

When the vaca is almost over @unreveurart

When it snows

None for you Glen Coco #flavin #chanel @chanelofficial

But really 📷 @mode_pr

Sunday though

Searching for the gold at the bottom of the stair case. Olivier Dweck 📷 @ryankorban

Rolling solo

Sending love and light to the darkness in #aleppo we are all them, thinking any differently is dangerous. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." (MLK) @unreveurart

That line 💕

Rooms though #interiors

I'd take this gray day

Interiors though 📷 @vogueparis

Mood though

@thefashionguitar gave me my Bond girl moment yesterday

This 💦 though #swimkhai #bahamas

Deep cleansing breath #bahamas #harbourisland

I believe my penchant for pink skies has been well established #swimkhai

Happy birthday my 💙 @thewavestate there's no one I'd rather be on this ride with 🌊

Need this by @rosemarieauberson


Getting in LA lady mode on the way out

Me not talking about politics

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