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This is groundbreaking. We are not to be messed with. 🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻 #womensmarch

There's a @starwars quote for everything. I never wanted to use this one.

Tonight I survived my first spin class @flywheelsports AND saw @lionbabe perform. Not a bad way to spend the last night in a Trumpless America. #fuelyourstrong #pantene

Trying to make cat lady chic happen. #hearstelevatorselfie

#TBT This is a shot of my dad (far left) from Gianni and @donatella_versace's book South Beach Stories. This is proof that he is still the most fashionable member of our family. 😹#throwbackthursday

Barney('s) and Friends. @randcohair

😹 You know you have too many makeup brushes when...

I'll never actually look like a beachy Bond girl but that doesn't mean my sand shadows can't look like a Bond movie silhouette. ✌🏻out, Grand Cayman! #laprairie #linelessfuture

I hear it's snowing in New York. How unfortunate. 😏 #linelessfuture #laprairie

I quit drinking alcohol and it made my skin, bank account, and stomach so much better. Read all about it on today. For the record, neither of these photos are Facetuned or edited but any other selfies I ever post will be. I prefer a blurry face. Left, no alcohol. Right, three glasses of wine a week.

Admiral! We're receiving a transmission from Scarif!

The @laprairie spa in Grand Cayman is giving me Disney World queue vibes, which is my highest badge of honor. #linelessfuture #laprairie

Let's play good news/bad news!

Good news: my new @31philliplim bag arrived from @netaporter! 😻

Bad news: my jury duty summons also came in the mail. 👎🏻

Just another typical night with @louboutinworld Beauté. Something inky this way comes... #beautelouboutin

All cats, all the time.


Is @littlemaddiecat doing #hygge correctly?

I love snow and I don't care who knows it! ❄️🌬❄️

It's a beautiful night in the neighborhood. 🌟🌃

If you received an email from—this is not me! I'm working with Hearst and Gmail to get the account shutdown, but in the meantime, do not send them any personal information! Thank you to some kind strangers for alerting me. 😔

Makeup sponges are getting weirder and weirder (but infinitely more Instagrammable).

I do not recommend growing out your bangs at the same time that your new passport photo is due.

I can't even put into words what you and your work meant to me, @carriefisherofficial. Rest in peace to an icon and a gift to us all. Love you always, space mom. #carriefisher 💔

Hanukkah and Christmas vibes ✨

On the first night of Hanukkah my brother @jaredrosenstein got me a #rare Limited Edition™ KMart™ The Black Series™ Star Wars™ Jyn Erso™ on Eadu™ action figure. He knows me so well.

Forget diamonds. Where can I acquire such a beautiful thing? 😻

I've always ❣️loved❣️ this image of my dad from a denim and sunglasses ad in the '80s. He was actually a real cop posing as a model for the day. How fabulous is her styling? So Miami. Talk about necklace goals. #tbt #throwbackthursday

Gave this pointy @revlon guy a whirl this week—review TK. You can see all my favorite drugstore launches for 2017 on in bio!


I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine. He shall be my squishy. #testingtesting

Today's sleeve situation photographed awkwardly against my kitchen wall.

My first hair shoot for @harpersbazaarus is live! I loved working with you, @mattshair. Genius as always.
💄: @ninasorianomakeup
📸: @nyavgjoe
💁🏻: @cindymello

You can always count on me to ask the important questions. RUN—don't walk—to go see #RogueOne today. Go, go, go. #iamonewiththeforce #theforceiswithme

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