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Woke up this morning heart broken. We knew this was coming but it's never easy to say good bye to someone who was a part of your life the moment you were born. I'm so fortunate to see you and spend my 30th bday with you before you left. Tell Grandpa and the rest we said hi. Thank you and I love you, Grandma. Rest in Paradise. 💔🙏🏽

So happy that my favorite @champssports at the Las Vegas Fashion Show location got these in. On my birthday too?!? Treated myself with some Oreos!

When today is your special day but then you realized you've been alive for 3 decades! Seriously, where did the time go? Sheesh 🤷🏽‍♂️😅

WOO!!! Today is the day! Break out your dancing shoes (or your dancing Boost 🤓) because @meccamee welcomes you for an opportunity to be part of a dope dance team, but also being part of an incredible family and community that is second to none. Probably one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've ever done in my life, and if you want to experience that then get off your butts and go audition! Good luck to everyone today! Can't wait to see the new faces for this coming up season!

Got this medal for my bravery. It's with Leia and Han Solo. I want one with Rey! Lol. But another dope medal added to my collection!#whyirun #rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon

Very proud of myself for achieving this medal as I got a new personal record! Finished in 2:54. Last time I did 3:08. Not a huge difference but it's progress! My goal I want to hit is 2:30. After each run I learn more about myself, what should I work on, and what I should do next time. I cannot wait to get back to start training again. Want to start introducing weights and thinking about training in a track as well. But first imma relax and enjoy my latest achievements. 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost
#rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon 📸 : @rocky_2

I thank this guy for getting me into running and also spending more than I want to. Hahaha! Well worth the experience and the medals! The Manzon bros taking over the streets of Disney. 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost
#rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon

When you ran 13.1 miles to get another medal that wasn't planned until two days before the race. Not bad, not bad at all.
#rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon 📸 : @rocky_2

And when I said 1 more to go, I meant it. My brother used his Jedi mind tricks to make me sign up for the half marathon. Screw it! What's another 13.1 miles any ways? Getting two medals for my bday? Why not?! Also that means the Millennium Falcon will be mine in April. Oh and REY IS BAE!!! 😍
#rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon 📸 : @rocky_2

1 down, 1 more to go! 🏅
#rundisney #starwars #starwarshalfmarathon 📸 : @rocky_2

Always rocking the three stripes. #3stripestyle
📸 : @namesej_

If you really know me then this is me in a nutshell. And Hollywood Studios, you redeemed yourself. 👌🏽
📸 : @namesej_

Remember your roots. Which Ultra Boost did you start with?

It's ☁ at The Most Magical Place on Earth! Shout outs to @nicekicks for the feature. 🙏🏽

Not the biggest Star Wars fan but when we see Rey... 😍🙌🏽 #starwars #disneyworld #starwarsagalacticspectacular

😭💔 A little rain doesn't hurt anyone but lighting can. Canceled due to thunderstorms at the course. I know our safety is important so we can run another day but can't say I'm not bummed out. I still get my medal and I get a refund but I want to earn it to say the least. Now I'm motivated to CRUSH my 10k next week. I'll will definitely come back in April and race your roads Orlando! 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost

Hopefully thunderstorms don't cancel my run tomorrow but just in case... See you back in April, Orlando! I am one with the force, the force is with me. 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost #rundisney #starwars

Hey look a family tree! #disneyworld

Get a lil practice run before Saturday. 🏃🏽#runningwithboost #rundisney #disneyworld #disneyworldmarathon

I'm in love with this years theme for the Disney World Marathon! The artwork is on point! I just wanted to get everything! 🏃🏽 #runningwithboost

Just counting down the hours when I get to grab my first medal here. 🏅🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost

Really got to start working on my arms again. Couldn't pull the sword out. I'm weak af. #highschoolmusical #hsm #disneyworld

Now only if we could get the entire squad...🤔 We're all in this together, right?! *ahem @yagirlnece @j.elece @jhoespiritu @98neonvegeta @itsnatedoe

If we were in a track team, this is how our team picture would look like. #highschoolmusical #hsm #disneyworld

Ha! We did it again! WILDCATS IN THE HOUSE! #highschoolmusical #hsm #disneyworld

In less than 10 hours, I'll be heading back to Disney World! Gonna see bae again. 😘

Yeah I should post this up before 2016 huh? My life in a nutshell. Bring on 2017! #2016bestnine

Tenth run. Late post but this is it! My final run day before the big race next Saturday. Just going to stretch out, do some strength exercises, and roll out my legs to keep them fresh. Got a lot of miles to walk before hand. This Disney World vacation about to be lit! Bringing home a medal and hopefully getting a new personal record. Can't wait! 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost
@adidas @adidasrunning

Ninth run. Merry Belated Christmas! Hope y'all enjoyed the holiday. I wanted to run 5 miles for the holiday season but I was on a time constraint and my legs were killing me. Managed to still go through 3 miles but was in a lot of pain. Yeah this picture tells no lie. Really took the time to stretch and roll my legs afterwards and it helped, but I might call it a no go just to keep my legs fresh for race day. I have one more run day if I do decide to take it or not. But for these last days I'm going to just work on some exercises for my legs to help me get past this half. Not my best run and it just flat out sucked, but got to listen to your body. Even though I did 3 out of the 5 miles, every mile counts. 🏃🏽#RunningWithBoost
@adidas @adidasrunning

(2/2) I really need to invest in some Climastorm gear and Ultra Boost ATR. But here's a little message for all my other runners and a little something for the haters as well. #runningwithboost
@adidas @adidasrunning

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