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Bloody Mary with a Mini Shrimp Sandwich garnish!😂👍🏻
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Easy! Delicious! I use cream cheese on my sandwich and many sautéed dishes. For that extra flavor.
▪️4 cups - whole milk (full fat, not low fat)
▪️3 tablespoons - lemon juice
▪️1-teaspoon - Flavorgod Himalayan pink salt & pepper
▪️2-tablespoons - Flavorgod buffalo seasoning
▪️In a heavy bottomed saucepan, heat milk on medium / high. Stirring constantly until it comes to a rolling simmer.
▪️Reduce the heat to medium. Add the lemon juice 1 tablespoon at a time, in 1 minute intervals. Continue stirring constantly.
▪️Continue cooking until the mixture curdles. Stir constantly till the mixture has separated completely, this should take just a few minutes. Once there are thick curdles on top. Remove from the heat. This should happen within a few minutes.
▪️Over a strainer lay cheesecloth over a large bowl. Pour the curd mix into the cheesecloth. Let it strain and cool for about 10 minutes.
▪️Transfer curds to a food processor and process until curds have come together and are totally smooth and creamy.
▪️Add Flavorgod pink salt&pepper and Flavorgod Buffalo
Seasoning to cream cheese.
NOTE: This cream cheese must be stored in the fridge and can last anywhere between 1-2 weeks.
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Why not make the ice out of the same mix.

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