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My New Buffalo✴️Seasoning is now available!
Buffalo Wings are one of my favorite party snacks. Many customers have been asking me for a Buffalo style seasoning from my early days at the farmers markets.
After much development I've finally crafted a #Flavorgod Buffalo seasoning!!!
With the use of fresh ground herbs and spices, this buffalo seasoning is different than any store bought seasoning. Using real almonds for an extra layer of umami flavor, this seasoning begins with the savory and zesty notes from lemon and garlic followed by the gradual heat of cayenne chile peppers and paprika for a classic Buffalo flavor that's perfect for hot wings any style as well as your new all purpose seasoning for your favorite meals, snacks, and appetizers. -
Try it on:
- Buffalo Wings
- Salad dressings and dipping sauces
- Vegetable
- Popcorn - Potato chips
- Hot sandwiches
- Salads
- Chicken with pasta
- Grilled meats and vegetables
- Anything else you'd like with the flavor of a classic Buffalo flavor.


@beckylynn1029 shut the front door I've been saying he needs one forever

@amandaryspy wait this has been out for four days maybe I didn't 😂

@jnb922 the key to spicing up healthy meals! Just came across this website today🙌🏼