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Erwan Heussaff @erwanheussaff

Tonight's episode of Landscapes is all about the bees and the honey they produce. They may seem likes flying vampire pests to the most of us but are actually quite important for the environment. You guys need to taste this floral natural #tuminugan honey from the foothills of Bukidnon. It's delicious! Mixed with the right spices and in a simple dish, perfection. Find out how by clicking the link on my bio, subscribing and watching the video later on. #mccormickph


u should get your own tv show showcasing food and the other wonders of the philippines @erwanheussaff @annecurtissmith

love watching this video

❤️️ 🐝 #farm #fresh #honey #perfect. Thanks😘 ErwAnne

perrine's tuminogan farm! very nice place

This kinda reminds me of Jamie Oliver

Gandaaaaa ng farm