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We are wishing you an #EPIC New Year and an #EPIC 2017✌️ 🎊🎉


@itsmebabykaely I 👁 you! I remember u were younger spitting. I like the how u put the story about your bike the lyrics fit your age back than and my fav was when they left u in the studio. Stay in a Story telling lane. Change your image. Where more colors. Change yo hair color. Like the trolls. Anyway I like your Music but stay on the younger route as much as u can. I believe Epic Records is a great choice, I just wished that they open there Eyes & Focus On The The Characters & Image when it comes to Local Female Rappers. There's many Opportunities when it comes to a female & Quicker endorsement deals. I guess some labels don't understand the Game of Chess. Their so used to using their own formats because it works for them but perhaps if they read up on balmain it will open their third eye. Look at Nicki Minaj smh if cash money a black label can pull that off when it comes to a female rapper why not @epicrecords 🤦‍♀️ p.s I 🖤epic & u are Epic🙏🏽

Bass Gods. We're #Epic!


We all hate when people waste our time but my new song is far from that! 🔥🔥Listen to Finesse by JallieTheGiver om soundcloud.com/jalliethegiver/finesse link in BIO 💯🤘

New year. New artist 👈🏼👈🏼 @epicrecords

Happy new year! 🎈 this year maybe I'll be on your label! 🎤 I'm only the BOMB.COM that's all lol 😂 @epicrecords

Thank you. So nice.