Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson @dangerusswilson

@alaskaair + @virginamerica = more to love! #differentworks


Ever thought of having a personal photographer? No posing just someone to follow you and take clean dope shots. Wether it's a workout session or a chill day at the crib. I'm all about privacy, I have a young boy of my own. If you notice I rarely show his face but able to capture those moments. Let me know boss, would love the opportunity

Lol Russell Wilson endorses the new virgin? Extra don't trust this @_sarahdalton @esthermonster


@jbella2024 I work for Alaska airlines and we have purchased virgin but the actual merger won't happen for a couple of years.

@cuzimdaboss see that's the gratitude. I love it. One of the many things I love and appreciate about this game. I actually received a pic from playing days. Brought back memories so I'm going to frame it

@bahunter03 ..I sas on the news where @dangerusswilson got tickets to ANYWHERE for the SEAHAWKS & TV's for his O-line.. #boss