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This was the most expensive home sold in 2016. At $154 million, it’s also the most expensive home ever sold in #China. Located in #Suzhou, the house boasts 32 bedrooms, a lake-side swimming pool, a wine cellar, and several courtyards and gardens, one of which was modelled on a UNESCO world heritage site. (📷: Sotheby's International Realty via @cnnstyle and @thespacesmag)


@tkouellet I'm not a die hard republican and I am open to all political views

@connor_bear_01 I NEVER SAID I SUPPORTED A MURDERER, especially Hillary if that's what you mean. That's just you making stuff up in your own head and projecting it on to me because all you care about is partisanship and "us vs. them", which makes you think if someone opposes your Republican views, than I must automatically be a die-hard liberal. I care about the truth and what's right, not only about Republican vs. Democrats.

@tkouellet holy FUCK u a messed up if u think supporting a murder is ok

@connor_bear_01 When I know there are children watching me and I'm in a position of power, no I don't mock people, especially a disabled person because I want to create a respectful environment. And when did I say I supported a murderer?

@tkouellet so sad that you would support a murder

@tkouellet if u wanna call it mocking your gonna say u have never mocked someone in you entire life yeah bullshit go back to your safe space