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US President Barack Obama greets his wife Michelle and daughter Malia following his farewell address in Chicago, Illinois. In his speech, he praised his two daughters as his proudest achievement. (📷 by Scott Olson/Getty Images)



CNN is the worst new network. World star hip hop news is realer than this biased shitty news.

We should be so proud of this First Lady. She will be hard to replace. Thank you Michelle for all that you have done for our daughters. I will miss you. You know what they say "you don't know what you had til it is gone." I think this country will not realize the loss until you are gone. You and President Obama have done so much for us. Thank your u!!!

Maybe this douche shd focus on Chi-raq now

5 more days until this nightmare is over. Worst president in history . All you liberals stop protest democracy , I know your democrats and don't believe in democracy since your party clearly cheated Bernie out of the primary! We didn't like Obama but we respected our democracy and still went to work everyday and took it up the ass for 8 years. Now most of you don't work so that is why you can protest so much but if I were you I'd get a job cause the free ride is over for the lazy who just don't wanna work

Familia ė tudo.