Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen @bravoandy

Happy Chanukah from Ev and Lou in St. Loo! (My PA Rachel made the sweaters!) photo cred: @jodiallengordon


@bravoandy your parents are wonderful and supportive! Your mom seems like a hoot!😂❤

I love your parents ❤

I just finished listening to Superficial. I love all the "special secret talks" the listeners & I most love the voice you do for your mom! So funny!

Oh my goodness....happy hanukkah & new year, Andy! Tell ur PA I'm loving those sweaters. Hard to find a decent ugly Hanukkah sweater ;)

Happy Hanukkah 🕎🕎🕎

Your parents look adorable. Wishing you & them much Mazel always!

Love the sweaters!!;)