Ben Baker

Ben Baker @benbakerphoto

How can I get past the big news of the day that January 8th is R Kelly's birthday, happy birthday Mr Kelly.
This was from a shoot for XXL Magazine a few years ago in Chicago. It was one of those classic marathon rap shoots that took 20 hours with just a few minutes of actual shooting.
I do as much research as I can, looking at images, reading books and watching movies. I watched his rap opera, trapped in the closet and I still have no idea if it's the worst film ever made or the greatest ever piece of performance art.
Thanks to the amazing Sally Berman (@runred) for this and many other XXL shoots.


A b.s. child molester.

It is one of the greatest pieces of performance art EVER! 🌟

Love your style of work. 👌@benbakerphoto

LOVE THIS ! Wicked.

Beautiful shot