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Ben Baker @benbakerphoto

Great to see Scarlett Johansson named as hollywoods top earning actor for 2016. It's nice to see a woman taking that title for once. This image was from a shoot many years ago when a very young actor wandered into the room of the chelsea hotel that I had rented to photograph her for entertainment weekly. Besides being incredibly beautiful, she was so open about growing up in New York and what the road ahead as a young actor might be. I remembered the photo editor called me after the shoot wrapped to see how she was in front of the camera. I pretty quickly let the magazine know that I had just photographed a future superstar.


Wow! I looove this image❤️❤️❤️

Awesome photo!

Very Couture

Pretty cool!

Your portrait is excellent

A real star maker

Lovely ❤️❤️