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Ben Baker @benbakerphoto

Reports are out that Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire and at times richest man in the world had dinner with PEOTUS in Florida last weekend. Between the wall and trade that must have been a pretty interesting conversation. This shot was from a Forbes shoot in Mexico City and we somehow got the richest man in the world out of the office and in the streets of Mexico City posing with a payphone that's part of his telecommunications empire.



Es el más rico y eso esta bien, pero, le deseamos que tambien sea feliz. 🌲🌲

Gold is right. In the Baja California area is were hi has a mining company. Would love a picture of that.

thats a happy fella

☺ Great pic ☺


The images are always great mate...but the stories that accompany are gold 🏆Happy Xmas and hope 2017 is another winner for you 🍻