Ben Baker

Ben Baker @benbakerphoto

The next cabinet appointee is billionaire buddy Wilbur Ross for commerce secretary. He's the kind of deal maker that Trump promised to bring to DC. Wall Street loves him and sees him as a savvy investor, others think he's another vulture investor putting profits ahead of people. When I photographed him for Fortune magazine he seemed pretty old and frail to be running a major firm at 80 years of age.
Let's see how he copes with the amount of travel expected of a commerce secretary.



No Bohemian billionaires

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Mr Baker, that's a pretty solid portrait. Looks like you either set up your studio gear in the parkade, or had the driver pull into your studio. Whatever the case, it's an excellent snap. Perfect example of how a pretty routine assignment can give up a really strong image, when the shooter makes the effort. Nice!

Love the shot

Really good portrait Ben.