Ben Baker

Ben Baker @benbakerphoto

The latest news out of Trump tower is that Rick Perry will be nominated to run the Department of Energy.


I have seen this one and I will say it typifies the who shooting match. Thank you for your finding me through your algorithm, assistants or someother Meta Data Magic. I am always wondering how a photo I pat gets a follow or a like by a better source for the news than most of what I can have access too. #Bababooey to all! And to all #HitEmWithTheHein! Here's to hoping you are part of the team that goes to Camp David if Howard Stern gets his wish to visit!!!!

This is great

I miss him with out his black-rimmed glasses 👓


And another right wing clown joins the Dump parade.

I feel sorry for department staff working for these picks- just awful 😪

Oh the irony...