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​​11 SEP: Angry Trump blasts "fake news; phoney stuff". The US president-elect tells reporters "sick people" are behind a dossier of allegations published in full on Buzzfeed and reported by CNN. #Trump #Dossier #TrumpRussia #TrumpPutin #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews


@revjock yes BBC are definitely fake news but CNN are real Fox News are fake run by "news international" and are racist leaning to the right CNN turned down a takeover bid 2 to 3 years ago by "News International " and good job too.

or anything you do not know about the capture of the Government of the Russian Federation <"Vashenktonom" (Pentagon) (CIA) It depends entirely on the domestic and international economy -which means "defeat" - for a country like Russia - in open and hidden war, and generally speaking! How to determine the the bad?: 1 a lot of nano technology-the re-training of the population? 2 protection nano? 3 increase the standard of living? "World government"(Secret Weapon)commando>Rebels?Junta thugs?rivals?

Trump is a Hitler Wannabe. I hope he is impeached as soon as possible.

Surprised the BBC wasn't mentioned by trump.

None of the news involving Russia is actually verified

I don't understand how he's getting away with all this nonsense. I have to read up on the impeachment process. Let's get this over with!

@jellyr0we idiot sicko