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11 JAN: Extraordinary video from a polar bear body cam. A camera attached to the neck of a polar bear shows it hunting with a companion. Watch when a bear gets trapped in your car:
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Aaaaaaaaaw 😭 @capturedbymn I want one ☹️

wow beautiful video

@palobrea so sorry to hear that : ( The Inuit are also warning scientists: drugs and injections before tagging cause hearing loss, severe stress, disorientation and many other things that irreversibly harm the polar bears. The Unuit *know* the artic life much better than scientists. They speak on observation and expertise. We messed with the nature and now are messing with it more to see how our ruins are dealing with it. This looks more like reality tv than science to me!


@ozcansl I agree! Our orca died recently from an infection from tagging! All in the name of science