Barack Obama

Barack Obama @barackobama

Not all heroes wear capes—but some do.


@cheycarpunkmonkmama girrllll im weak who look like a man girl you like like the type of person to go on catfish and get rejected boy bye

I simply say "bye" and some of y'all are so salty you wanna run at the mouth for no good reason. Attack me and my appearance only shows y'all's ignorance. How sad!!

@juggsdaughter I will do as I please. Oh, if he was such a great president list five positive things he did for the american people while in office. You and your lookin like a man self talkin about somebody else's appearance. Smh!!

@cheycarpunkmonkmama well use it on your own time not his with your long forehead

@juggsdaughter little thing called freedom of speech luv. I will shut up when I am good and ready. 😊

@blxss1ng aww, hun ya really shouldn't talk about your Mama like that when she ain't on here to defend herself.

Homem mais forte e supreendentemente inteligente é você Obama; seu legado é espelho para todos nós. Sou sua fã, pela sua simplicidade de ser humano. Você é um grande homem.... Deus abençoe você e toda sua família 👏👏😀😍💖