Barack Obama

Barack Obama @barackobama

LAST CALL: Enter for a chance to meet President Obama this summer before tonight's deadline. → Link in profile.


d.zaborowski my man is from dc he thinks your the greatest hes 60 am 61 hes black am white been together for 11 yrs he takes care of me because i had throat cancer stage 4 8 month cancer free now sir if you need a home cook meal i would be honor to make it for you every day i wake up i thank god am still here i hope you and your family good health you need it to make it take a nap its good for you 55 the year i was born please be safe and be good sir i leave silver spring maryland hope to see you one day 541 thayer ave

Thank you for it all

Thanks you @barackobama. You are a best only not like president you are a best person u.s.a need you.

I MISS YOU COme back You were the best president of the USA 🇺🇸 ! We need You ! I am so proud of You !! 😭😭😭

I MISSS YOU SO MUCH , you're great man! ❤️❤️😭😭

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