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The deadline to #GetCovered is here. Find a plan that works for you. → Link in profile.


@niccole_e Great News! Trump isnt actually going to repeal it... Not that im saying it was the main focus of his campaign... (Sarcasm)

Let's hope that we all live forever, never die, always be healthy and never get ill or a disease and always got more than enough money and always be happy and never miss someone and never get ill and never be sad and never be depressed and never are scared and always be very good at school and very good at work and only good things happen and our things stay forever and never bad things happen and never get a disease and hope we a live forever got everything and everyone and never lose anyone or anything and always got everything that's good and never something that's not good and always got a nice home and always got more than enough money and no one and nothing never suicides and never something burns and we never get killed and never kill someone and let everything be good and never be depressed and always everything and everyone live good forever and we love everyone and everything and our parents and always be thankful and that we all and also me always listen and believe and pray and speak and spend and earn and write and think and NEVER DIE

I'm cancer free cause of Obama care thank you Mr president ❤❤❤

you see that bandaid, if you have a heart attack that's all your plan will cover you for

ACA is trash

If you like donald trump.then like this coment. Hopefully i get 0 likes

The interview went great I'm looking forward to starting a new path this is the company I can't move up in and I'm looking for drivers position at the Cleveland clinic hopefully that will come through decisions