Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis @annecurtissmith

We made a new friend. He asked us to give our best pout. He wins! Ginalingin din nya e. 🐟 #thegreatbarrierreef #maoriwrasse #whitsundays #ANNEventuresQLD #ANNEventuresAustralia


Si anne curtis bayan.? Bat parang napakalaki ng bibig. Lol


Me too someday I will go in there.. but if I am alredy 20 and above

Haha i guess ur rich

@annecurtissmith how lucky of you to have a photo with this cutie 😊 went diving 2days after you. I was hoping I will get to see you in Hamilton Island. It's so beautiful in Great Barrier Reaf 🐒🐒

@kitty_abigail19 ikr!! No offense taken.. but it will be lit to go there someday!! πŸ˜†

@me.kaii its so hard to go there iff! You don't have many money.. I'm not telling your poor✌✌ its no offence Im just telling that they are rich