Maddison Stubbs

Maddison Stubbs @_mjstubbs_

So excited to see what Australia brings to the rest of the 2017 Ziegler Tour ❤ @maddieziegler @kenzieziegler @dancemommelissa31 @alana_mansour @stephanie.risteski @mitchell_seymour @camfield_ @_abbeystar_ @cheska_gonzales @ziegleraustourofficial


Hi @_mjstubbs_ I was one of the girls from the Gold Coast tour and you were so great at dance ❤️ you put in so much effort and so did all the other backup dancers 🌟 maybe would you plz follow it would be so cool 🌟 thanks ps can u plz check DM 💕💕💕

Check dm

Thank you so much!!!💗💗

You are so kind and so sweet it made Ruby so happy for u to follow her xx

Hey MJ I was on of the girls with the box of Australian lollies and chocolate in Brisbane tonight thankyou so much for making the best day ever even better!! You were amazing today and I would love for you too follow me and get to follow us too!! Thank you so much💗💗

Hey Maddison, you were an amazing dancer tonight. And made our experience so much fun. Thank you so much for helping us at the meet and greet. We would love for u to follow us or like our video of Maddie and kenzie xx 💋